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Impact of Obamacare – What to Expect

March 24, 2010

Health care reform was not really about lowering costs, was it?  Even Sen. Dick Durbin is finally admitting this.  Now that the government takeover has been signed into law, expect higher insurance premiums and additional deficit spending.  Here is a good summary of the immediate impacts.

Look for a renewed push on a public option before the next (and hopefully more sane) Congress is sworn in next January.  Yes, that is right.  The public option will be back.  It is every progressive Democrat’s dream and they are not going to give up on it.  That is how the ultra liberal House members were bribed into voting for the more moderate (although still Socialist)  Senate bill.    They were promised more health care legislation would follow. It has already started.  Be warned.  And be ready.  Round 2 is coming.

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